Mrs. Nigar Sultana
Nigar Sultana is the Chairman of Fariha Group. She has been enjoying the position for the last two decades. During this time her tireless efforts have contributed to the growth of the companies of the group. She has excellent experience in textile sector that she joined by way of inheritance. She has visited many countries on business purpose. During her visit she attended many international business seminars.

She is considered a source of inspiration of the group.
Md. Monir Hossain (CIP)
Managing Director
Md. Monir Hossain (Commercially Important Person, People’s Republic of Bangladesh), Managing Director of the Group. He has been at the helm of the group for the last Forty Five years. He has been a genetical businessman. He has vast experience in spinning, textile, weaving, dyeing, banking, LPG etc. His competent and dynamic leadership has contributed to the rapid growth of the company. He has travelled many countries and attended many international business conference. Beside that, he also led a good number of business delegation abroad. Since 2001, he has been a CIP (Commercially Important Person) of the country. His vision is overall development of the country.
Md. Kawser Hossain (MBA, Marketing)
Md. Kawser Hossainis a Director of Fariha Group. He has been enjoying the position for the last One Decades. He holds a Master of Business Administration. He has good experience in the textile sector. In the last couple of years he has visited a good number of countries on business purpose. He participated in many national and international business seminars.

He thinks in the area of globalization quality production is the main tool based on what one can survive in the most competitive market. Quality production is inextricably linked with buyers' satisfaction that is very essential for the expansion of a country's export basket. In this world developed countries like Germany and Japan are totally export dependent. Bangladesh which is rich in human resource can easily be transferred into a potential export oriented country if all the entrepreneurs and the government work hand in hand in the interest of the country. The last two decades have proved so, especially the textile sector of the country.

He dreams Bangladesh will be inserted in the list of those countries which are free of hunger, unemployment problem and political violence in the shortest possible time.

His vision is to expand the textile sector make the country’s textile sector globally reputed one.
Md. Ezaz Hossain (B.SC in Textile Engineer)
Md. Ezaz Hossain. He is holding the position for the last couple of years. He is being considered a potential businessman as his dynamic thoughts regarding the sector have proved to be very much productive. In line with his vision, he holds a B.SC in textile engineering. He has also travelled many countries on business purposes and visited a good number national and international textile fairs. He always remains alert about the development of the sector. His aim is to make Bangladesh as one of the largest textile manufacturers in the world.