Fareast Finance & Investment Limited (FFIL) was incorporated in Bangladesh as a public limited company with limited liability on June 21, 2001 under The Companies Act, 1994. The company commenced its business in Bangladesh as per Certificate of Commencement on the same date. Subsequently the company took license from Bangladesh Bank as a Non-Banking Financial Institution under The Financial Institutions Act, 1993 to operate as a leasing and financing company as provided under the relevant Law.

As on December 31, 2011 company's authorized and paid up capital is Tk.2,000.00 million and Tk.1,046.02 million respectively. As on December 31, 2011 shareholders' equity is Tk.1,732.84 million. Besides, company's portfolio exposure to the market was Tk.5,136.95 million as on December 31, 2011.