Fariha Jamdani Mills Ltd. Is a sister concern of Fariha Group.

Fariha Jamdani has established in 1997, is a professional manufacturer of quality Jamdani Sarees. The Mills is situated in narayangonj district. The mill also employs approximately 250 workers. The wages and services paid by the company are complied with the international standard that's why the company never saw any kind of labor unrest. Fariha Jamdani use Egyptian cotton to make jamdani sarees and other jamdani products. Jamdani sarees are much sought after by fashion conscious professional women in Bangladesh for their elegance. Jamdani sarees have a distinct feature for its most artistic and expensive ornamental fabric, unique designs. Jamdani for its speciality demands a great attention in the International arena particularly in the high class of society. In the 21st century Jamdani has taken a whole new shape with the refurbishment of a trendy and classy look. Jamdani sarees are distinguished from other varieties by it's fine texture resembling muslin and the elaborate and ornate workmanship.

Fariha Group are proud to be with this Tradition.